• Drafting of the lodging, buildings of public purpose, industrial buildings, communications (city streets), and other constructions intended for various economic performance, planning of engineering systems;

  • Preparation of the mandatory documents for project arrangement;

  • Preparation of the project documents required for new construction, reconstruction or the repair works.

  • Preparation of draft proposals;

  • Matching of the prepared projects with required institutions;

  • Supervision of realization of the project



  • Supervision in order the construction works satisfy the project;

  • Calculation of the amounts of actually performed works;

  • Monitoring of the works quality and its implementation;

  • Monitoring of used materials;

  • Guidance of technical maintenance of construction



  • Organisation of preparation of technical project and managing its fulfilment;

  • Preparation of technical task;

  • Engineering consulting during drafting stage and project assessment;

  • Facelift of drafting solutions and organisational performance;

  • Selection and management of the projects to be implemented by the contractors;

  • Engineering, economic and legal consulting in respect of the project;

  • Analysis and assessment of estimates;

  • Representation on behalf of the customer whilst implementing the project



  • We set energy usage of the building;

  • We assess energy availability of the building;

  • The building is attributed to any of energy availability classes;

  • We issue energy availability certificates of the building.

We make the projects by using the most advanced modern programmes intended for calculation of the engineering planning as well as 3D modelling programmes, such as DLUBAL, Graphisoft ArchiCAD, DDS-CAD and “Tekla structures” that reduce drafting terms and give excellent opportunity for demonstrating to customer the advantages due to implementation of these new computing technologies intended for solving particular engineering task. Each BIM element of the project is represented in 3D format and it contains all required information, which is later used not only in process of building, but also in process of maintenance of the building.

The projects created by UAB “Ugira” provide opportunity to the customers to participate in the process immediately, i.e. to review being created informational model of the building in a remote way, to communicate with the authors drafting the parts of the project as well as submit the proposals and the comments. BIM lets to identify possible errors (e.g. the collision of engineering systems) just through the stage of creation of project itself; therefore, it gives possibility to reduce the costs that rise together with need to correct errors done during construction.

Professional and capable personnel having deep knowledge and permanently raising its qualifications are ready to act not only in Lithuanian, but also in markets of the other countries.

Briefly about BIM

BIM (Engl. Building information modelling) is revolutionary digital designing process of the building and its infrastructure, by creating and managing whole information of the construction during its all life stages – from initial project conception up to its destruction.

Building industry meets the twofold demand:

  • to increase the effectiveness and, value of infrastructure as well as its quality and stability;
  • Herewith the demand is raised to reduce maintenance costs, environmental pollution as well as consumption of time and materials. This is possible to achieve by active cooperation of the concerned parties and their communication during development of the projects. Namely this is the reason for striving to integrate building information modelling (BIM) to the whole life cycle of the building. BIM systems highly simplify the designing, construction and maintenance of the buildings by making this process effective.


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